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With gratitude to Hashem

Ichud Hashas Zichron Binyomin Tzvi invites you to the









which will take place B"EH

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SUNDAY June 2nd, 2019 כ''ח אייר תשע''ט

Cocktail 6:30pm

Siyum 7:30pm


Temple Moses 

1200 Normandy Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33141


with a

Special Video Presentation

The Siyum is dedicated

לעילוי נשמת

ר׳ בנימין צבי בן ר׳ שלמה חיים ז׳׳ל


For Men and Women

Couvert $250 per couple or $125 per individual

RSVP below

or contact us at or (305) 849-9924 

Complimentary Valet Parking.

View our Invitation!


Dedicate a Bracha in our Journal

Wanting to wish someone a Mazel Tov? Let the whole community celebrate with you and them!

Meet our Honorees

Meet those who committed to finish learning the Shas together. 

Who Are We?

A glimpse of last year's event!

Weekends aren’t only for fun and leisure, they are a great time for learning too! Such is the belief of Ichud Hashas Zichron Binyomin Tzvi, a Shabbos and Sunday learning program for working professionals. The program features a more b’kiyus learning style, and allows participants to learn wherever they physically are. The program only keeps getting bigger and will soon include monthly tests, a nightly learning program in Miami Beach, and monthly get togethers for all participants and their families to spend a fun afternoon together.

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